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We Are Accepting Sub-Contractors

trusted roofing company Akron and Uniontown

We are delighted that you are considering partnering with us. We look forward to a long and great relationship. For requirements to apply, see down below. Please send the documents by email to You can also upload it in the form below. Eagle Eye Roofing is a clean and detail-oriented company, so we expect our subcontractors to maintain high standards. Please fill out the form and give it a try at a partnership with us.

Documentation Requirements:
– Subcontractor Agreement
– W-9 filled and current
– Certificate of Liability Insurance showing proof of required insurance per the Subcontractor Agreement with Eagle Eye Roofing named as a legal Additional Insured
– BWC or Workers Comp

Other Requirements Invoices must include the following information:
– Your company name & address
– Invoice date
– PO (provided you by Eagle Eye Roofing)
– Job site address
– Labor and materials broke out separately

Payment Schedule
Invoices received by Sunday night will be paid and delivered the next Friday.

Nick Cherevko

Nick Cherevko


Please email or call with any questions. Thank you, 330.807.7141 or